Welcome, visitor! You’ve stumbled upon my page. Whether it was by chance or not, let me tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Enrique Arias. I’m a software developer.

I began my journey in the world of computers in the late nineties. I started out tinkering with Basic, and soon discovered C and C++. Everything changed after that. My desk was soon surrounded by books and notes, and I was opened up to a thrilling new world.

Throughout my professional career, I have worked on both the backend and frontend (full-stack). I have experience with many programming languages, but I am most familiar with Ruby and JavaScript. I have dedicated a significant portion of my career to building user interfaces, but the last few years I’ve returned to backend development with Rails.

Recently, I began working on CI/CD processes and containerization as part of the developer experience team at my job. Our team is dedicated to making life easier for other teams by creating libraries, tools, and improving processes to reduce pain points.

I currently work at Swile reinventing life at work.

I have also created notion_to_md which allows to download Notion pages and jekyll-notion which helps to use Notion as CMS for Jekyll.

Personal life

I currently reside in Montpellier, France. Previously, I lived in Valencia and Madrid, Spain. I’m unsure where I’ll be next, but only time will tell.

I speak French, Spanish, and English, though none of them fluently :D

In my spare time I look for a great epitaph.