Confinement Films

2020-03-25 2 min

To cheer us up a bit these days of confinement, what better than to launch a list with film recommendations on the same subject.

In my case, I’m a big fan of films in which the characters are confined to small places either because they are held against their will or simply cannot get out because an outside threat prevents them from doing so. The stage itself doesn’t have to be reduced to a house or a closed room. It can also happen outdoors: a village, the jungle, in space or even trapped by their own madness.

The action in this type of film, and I don’t mean Fast & Furious but from a more psychological perspective, tends to happen progressively in a constant crescendo that ends in a catharsis that makes you pee pepsi-cola.

Therefore I think that a good selection of titles from the most varied of this sub-genre can be very appropriate for these times of seclusion. Of course, you don’t have to see them all at once if you don’t want to end up jumping out the window.

The list below doesn’t keep any particular order. All films have been compiled by memory and friend’s suggestions.

Voilà ! Below are the suggestions.